Sani Pass Road – South Africa

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Sani Pass Road
Sani Pass Road

Originally built as a trade route between Mohotlong in Lesotho and Himville in South Africa, this treacherous stretch of Sani Pass Road is now mostly used by tourists and transports workers between the two countries. With a steep slope in places up to 1: 4 and poor traction, the Sani Pass Road is only accessible by 4WD SUVs, and can take up to 4 hours to cover less than 10 kilometers, depending on road conditions.

Sani Pass Road 2
Sani Pass Road

The Sani Pass Road is difficult at the best of times, but in winter, after a snowfall, it is even more dangerous. Due to its dangerous nature, each turn has its own colorful name. Guides gladly share funny stories about how these places got their names.

Sani Pass Road 3
Sani Pass Road

In addition to the danger of the Sani Pass Road itself, the pass is surrounded by the magnificent Drakensbergs, part of the Great Escarpment, and fields of wild flowers and local fauna. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the elephant’s closest living relative, a small furry mammal called the dassi.

Sani Pass Road 4
Sani Pass Road

 The South African government is planning to upgrade and asphalt the Sani Pass Road shortly to make it more accessible and reduce travel times. But locals say it would be a real shame. Much of the excitement and fun comes from moving at a snail’s pace up or down, with enough time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while shaking and bouncing in a car seat at the same time.


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