Discover Pedra da Gávea – Brazil

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Pedra da Gávea Brazil
Pedra da Gávea Brazil

Climbing the Pedra da Gavea rock, Brazil

In the Brazilian Tijuca National Park, lovers of extreme entertainment will find something to their liking – Climbing the Pedra da Gavea rock, Brazil. The rocky object was formed about 500 million years ago during the period of active movement of lithospheric plates. The rock owes its name to the Portuguese navigators, who saw in its outlines a resemblance to the sail of the Marseille (Gavea). Its height is 844 m.

pedra da gávea rio de janeiro brazil
Pedra da Gávea Brazil

Pedra da Gávea, Brazil – The length of the route is 2.5 km, the road takes 2-3 hours on average. The ascent level is classified as moderately difficult, requiring safety equipment. Some sections of the path are very dangerous: it is categorically undesirable for people with zero climbing experience to climb the mountain.

pedra da gávea brazil rio de janeiro
Pedra da Gávea Brazil

The ascent begins on a path formed by tree roots. In wet weather, the ground slides under your feet, but in dry weather, there will be no problems. On the way, you will meet a sign that directs travelers to the beautiful Kashueira waterfall, but it is better to visit it on the way back.

pedra da gávea brazil rio
Pedra da Gávea Brazil

Next, a difficult section begins with slippery and unreliable stones. The road will become even more dangerous on the Carrasqueira section – you will need insurance here. Finally, the long-awaited reward is the Pedra da Gávea peak, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But you cannot relax: the descent is even more difficult than the ascent.


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