Huangshan Mountains – China

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Huangshan Mountains China
Huangshan Mountains China

In the eastern part of China, there is the Huangshan Mountains range. Mountain landscapes anywhere in the world are extremely picturesque, but Huangshan is a very special phenomenon. This massif was formed about 100 million years ago in the Mesozoic era, and then, under the influence of glaciers, granite rocks took amazing bizarre shapes. The piles resemble fairy-tale images: figures of animals, birds, and even people’s faces.

Huangshan Mountains China 2
Huangshan Mountains China

Moreover, endemic pines of the Pinus taiwanensis breed, covering the slopes of Huangshan Mountains, have fantastic outlines.

Huangshan Mountains China 3
Huangshan Mountains China

They are not at the foot of the rocks: they appear only at altitudes of 800 meters. To survive in the fog and strong winds, they had to literally go against nature.

Huangshan Mountains China 4
Huangshan Mountains China

Huangshan Mountains, China – The length of the roots of these trees is several times longer than the trunk itself, and the needles are stiff and short. They grow very slowly, have curved branches and flat crowns.

Huangshan Yellow Mountains

The Huangshan Mountains (“Yellow Mountains”) are located 50 km from the city and 300 km southwest of Shanghai. They are famous for their majestic pine-covered cliffs, celebrated by Chinese artists and poets since the Qin Dynasty. The modern name Huangshan was given to them by the poet Li Bo in 747 in honor of the legendary emperor Huang Di (“Yellow Emperor”).

The Huangshan Mountains have many bizarre peaks that amaze with their shapes and extraordinary beauty. The height of 77 peaks in this ridge exceeds 1000 m. The three highest peaks are Lotus Peak (Lianhuafeng, 1864 m), Light Peak (Guanmingding, 1840 m) and Heavenly Capital Peak (Tiandufeng, 1829 m).

On the territory of Huangshan District, there are many historical monuments, sights of world importance, thermal springs and landscape areas, including the beautiful man-made Taiping Lake.
The Huangshan Mountains are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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