Colosseum and Ancient Rome - Italy

Colosseum and Ancient Rome – Italy

Colosseum and Ancient Rome
Colosseum and Ancient Rome

You will completely immerse yourself in the history of Ancient Rome and visit the main monuments of antiquity: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Entrance tickets are included in the price and will allow you to enter the Colosseum comfortably without the long queue at the entrance. You will discover the greatest empire of the ancient world as you examine the preserved monuments. Get ready to feel the breath of millennia in the heart of the Eternal City!

Colosseum and battles of gladiators

A visit to the Colosseum will reveal the idea of ​​creating this colossal structure, tell about the long cruel festivities on the occasion of its opening and explain the state significance of the doctrine of “Bread and circuses!” You will discover the secrets of the ingenious architecture of the Colosseum with many complex mechanisms and a chain of underground tunnels.

From the upper rows of the amphitheater, you will see a gigantic arena in which gladiators, captured soldiers and slaves fought to the death with predators and with each other. Learn how they lived, trained, how much gladiators earned and how the crowd “voted” for them. All this will help you to feel the scale and contradictions of the era of Ancient Rome.

Colosseum and Ancient Rome 2
Colosseum and Ancient Rome

The Roman Forum – the heart of ancient life

The Roman Forum, the center of the political, religious and economic life of Ancient Rome, will continue the journey into the ancient era. From here, the administration of the great Empire was carried out, senators sat here and laws were passed. In the street crowd, you could meet rich matrons on stretchers, Greek doctors, Spanish sailors, Egyptian priests, low social responsibility women from Cyprus, and merchants from the Middle East.

You will find out what the rich and aristocrats could afford, how merrily they drank in ancient Rome, how much slaves cost and what dishes were at the top of ancient gastronomic fashion. You will be surprised by the ancient Roman interior and clothing, and then you will walk along the Sacred Roman road, which is almost 3 thousand years old!

Colosseum and Ancient Rome 3
Colosseum and Ancient Rome

A look into eternity from the Palatine Hill

According to legend, it is from the Palatine that the history of Rome begins – and here, on the Palatine Hill, Rome will cease to be the main city of the Empire. You will see the preserved ruins of the palaces of Augustus, Tiberius, Domitian and find out why, by the end of the republic, it was mainly the rich and aristocrats of Rome who lived here. The Palatine Hill will reward you with panoramic views of the Circus Maximus, where the chariot races were held, and a bright green park with tall pine trees and orange trees. (more…)

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