Skadar Lake Nature Park - Montenegro

Skadar Lake Nature Park – Montenegro

Skadar Lake occupies the Zeta-Skadar Basin.
Lake Skadar Nature Park
Skadar Lake Nature Park

Skadar Lake is a unique nature park in Montenegro. Skadar Lake is the largest fresh water reservoir in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Skadar Lake is huge: 43 km long and 25 km wide. The area of ​​the water surface of Lake Skadar is 391 sq. km. The average length of the shores of Lake Skadar in Montenegro is 110 km. The length of the coastline available for tourism development is just over 5 km.

Shoreline by the lakenot even, rugged. Skadar Lake hides behind the Dinaric Highlands and is fed by the water resources of six rivers (the largest is the Moraca River). Skadar Lake is connected via the Buna River with the Adriatic Sea. Skadar Lake renews its waters twice a year. In summer, the water in the lake warms up to a temperature of +27 C. The water in the Skadar Lake is flowing.

Lake Skadar Nature Park
Skadar Lake Nature Park

The owners of Lake Skadar are Montenegro and Albania:

  • Montenegro owns 2/3 of the lake with fifty islands;
  • Albania departs 1/3 of the Skadar Lake. Albanians call it Shkoder.

The area around Skadar Lake is called “Chrmnichno Pole”. Ukleyka is a unique fish from Skadar Lake. Thickets of green glossy large leaves, white lilies and yellow water lilies cover the water surface of the lake in places. Skadar Lake is a reservoir for 250 species of birds and 40 species of fish. Exploration of the fauna and flora of Lake Skadar, its ancient architectural structures, monasteries and medieval fortresses delight tourists.

Lake Skadar Nature Park
Skadar Lake Nature Park

Sights of Skadar Lake

The sights of Lake Skadar greet tourists like a magical world of turquoise with islands-streaked from gray granite, like the petrified tears of the “Goddess of Heaven”.

The entry-exit channel of boats and boats into the “Big Water” of Lake Skadar is a whole field of water lilies.

Old operating monasteries: Kom, Beshka, Starchevo (XIV century), Obod, Morachnik. Today there are no more than 10 of them.

The islands of Lake Skadar are the beauty of untouched nature and historical monuments: (more…)

Durdevica Tara Bridge - Montenegro

Durdevica Tara Bridge – Montenegro

Durdevica Tara Bridge
Durdevica Tara Bridge

The Durdevica Tara Bridge is one of the most memorable sights of Montenegro. It offers simply fantastic views of the surrounding mountains and the Tara River canyon.

Durdevica Tara Bridge – The nature in these places is simply amazing. We have not seen such beauty anywhere else. High mountains covered with dense forests, small valleys, a mighty river somewhere far below…

Durdevica Tara Bridge1
Durdevica Tara Bridge

And literally nearby on a zip-line (bungee, if simple) tourists fly by, somewhere below people enjoy rafting, sailing along the great river. This pleasure costs 10 or 20 euros, depending on the bungee. There is also a small souvenir market nearby , although the prices are quite high there. On the other hand, unusual, unique things also sometimes come across.

Getting to the Durdevica Tara Bridge on your own is rather difficult and not very profitable – a rented car and spent gasoline will cost you quite a lot, maybe even more expensive than a simple excursion. And if you also take into account that the roads in Montenegro are very difficult, twisted by simply unrealistic serpentines, it is much easier to choose an excursion .

Alternatively, you can consider an individual excursion with a private guide to these places, but it will be expensive.

Monument to Lazar Yaukovich - Bridge Engineer
Durdevica Tara Bridge

We recommend visiting this place without fail. In our opinion, this is one of the most beautiful corners of the country, which we remember for many years. In general, if you have already arrived in Montenegro, be sure to add the Durdevica Tara Bridge to the list of what you just need to see.

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Durdevica Tara Bridge3
Durdevica Tara Bridge

If you evaluate only numbers, the bridge does not seem very high: only 172 meters above the Tara River. But when you stand there, it seems that there are several kilometers under you. The scenery just makes your head spin. Wherever you look, around the mountains and the mighty river Tara.

Durdevica Tara Bridge. Main characteristics

Until recently, the Durdevica Tara Bridge was considered the largest automobile arch bridge in Europe.

Dimensions of the Durdevica Tara Bridge

Length : 365 meters;

Height : 172 meters;

Number of arches : 5;

The length of the large span : 116 meters.

The bridge is not straight. It is slightly  curved.

There is practically no separate pedestrian zone on the bridge; tourists walk directly along the roadbed. (more…)