Hiiumaa Landmarks - Estonia

Hiiumaa Landmarks – Estonia

Hiiumaa Estonia
Hiiumaa Estonia

Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia, famous for its historic lighthouses and pristine nature, attracts lovers of rural recreation all year round. In the cold winter time, you can easily reach the island along the longest ice road in Europe.

Hiiumaa Estonia 2
Hiiumaa Estonia

Equally loved by surfers, sailors, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, Hiiumaa is a haven of paradise for those seeking peace and quiet. Local attractions include the admirable Kõpu Lighthouse, which dates back to the 16th century and is one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.

Hiiumaa Estonia 3
Hiiumaa Estonia

In 2007, the European Commission announced the Best European Destinations Competition. Hiiumaa is the winner of 2015 in the category “EDEN. Undiscovered treasures of Estonia. Tourist direction of gastronomic tourism “. Hiiumaa lighthouses are nominated for 2011 in the category “EDEN. Undiscovered treasures of Estonia. Tourism and Rehabilitated Places ”.

Hiiumaa Estonia 4
Hiiumaa Estonia

Hiiumaa is included in the list of tourism destinations 2020 by Sustainable Top100. As part of the Green Destinations program, an international competition of success stories in the field of sustainable tourism development is held, which allows to express recognition for tourism regions that care about the protection of nature and cultural heritage. (more…)

La Marina Lighthouse - Peru

La Marina Lighthouse – Peru

La Marina Lighthouse Peru La Marina Lighthouse (Faro la Marina) is an active lighthouse located in a park area on high cliffs above the Pacific Ocean in the Miraflores region, Peru. It is one of the most famous and most visited lighthouses in the country. La Marina Lighthouse Peru La Marina Read more…

Paphos Lighthouse Landmark - Cyprus

Paphos Lighthouse Landmark – Cyprus

Paphos Lighthouse
Paphos Lighthouse

There are five lighthouses on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, but all the popularity goes to only one – the Paphos Lighthouse. Perhaps the reason for such fame lies in its favorable location in the area of ​​the Archaeological Park of the city .

In comparison with other historical sites of the complex, the lighthouse is the youngest attraction, the age of which dates back to 1888. The history of the construction of the stone tower goes back to the period when the British owned the island. It was on the instructions of the latter from local materials that the lighthouse was erected. Its main role was to navigate and protect British ships arriving at the port of Paphos.

Paphos Lighthouse 2
Paphos Lighthouse

However, in modern days the tower has not lost its relevance and relevance – the lighthouse still serves as a reference point for lonely ships. The only difference: once upon a time a special caretaker who lived nearby was responsible for navigation (next to the lighthouse you can see its gatehouse and outbuildings). Nowadays, it has been completely replaced by an automated system that allows signaling white warning lights with an interval of 15 seconds: a modern solar photovoltaic system increases the luminous intensity and visibility from 7 to 17 nautical miles (one mile is equal to 1 km 852 meters). For the functioning of the Paphos lighthouse, however, like everyone else on the island, the Cyprus Port Authority is responsible.

The height of the Paphos lighthouse is 20 meters. An additional height of the structure is given by a 16-meter precipice on which it is located.

Museum in paphos lighthouse

The historical monument of the island has gone through more than one repair and restoration, but at the same time it has not lost its original appearance. During the last restoration of the tower, it was decided to open a museum. The idea was initiated by the Cypriot authorities, who believe that the sea is the main trump card of Cyprus, and the lighthouse is a connecting link and a reflection of this fact. (more…)