Kata Tjuta National Park - Australia

Kata Tjuta National Park – Australia

Kata Tjuta (Uluru) Australia
Kata Tjuta Australia

Kata Tjuta National Park could have become the central attraction of this area, if not for the Uluru Rock, Australia. As a rule, tourists come here precisely because of her, and this is not entirely correct: admiring the rock, they completely forget about the magnificent national park with sandstone rocks, in no way inferior to the famous Uluru.

Kata Tjuta Australia 2
Kata Tjuta Australia

Kata Tjuta Park is located 50 kilometers from Uluru Cliff. The park is operated by the Aboriginal tribes living here in conjunction with the Australian federal government. Aborigines are happy to work as guides and guides for tourist groups.

Kata Tjuta Australia 3
Kata Tjuta Australia

The name “Kata-Tjuta” of the area was also given by the natives: in their dialect it means “many heads”. A very symbolic name – 36 domed rocks and really look like someone’s head.

Since 1987, the park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kata Tjuta Australia 4
Kata Tjuta Australia

You should know

The most famous hill in this area is the Uluru Rock, which does not belong to the territory of Kata Tjuta. Olga Rock, which is part of the park, is 200 meters higher than Uluru. This often confuses and surprises tourists. (more…)