Prague Landmarks - Czech Republic

Prague Landmarks – Czech Republic

1. Prague Castle

Prague Castle was once the home of the kings of Bohemia, and today it is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Prague.

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. It covers an area of ​​almost 70,000 m 2, about 570 meters in length and an average of about 130 meters in width. The history of the castle goes back to 870 AD when the construction of the first fortress wall began, as well as the Church of the Virgin Mary.

In the complex of buildings of the Prague Castle, almost all architectural styles of the last millennium are represented. Prague Castle includes: the Romanesque Basilica of St. George, the Gothic Cathedral of St. Vitus , several palaces, a monastery, defensive towers and gardens. Most of the premises of Prague Castle are open to travelers. Currently, the castle houses several museums, including the National Gallery of the Collection of Bohemian Baroque and Mannerism , dedicated to the Czech history of the exhibition, the Art Gallery of Prague Castle, based on the collection of Rudolf II, and the Toy Museum.

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Prague Castle
Prague Castle, Prague Landmarks

2. Charles Bridge

Another of the sights of Prague is the Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is one of the most recognizable of the old bridges in Europe, the magnificent Charles Bridge boasts 32 unique sculptures, most of them made in the Baroque style. Most of the sculptures were installed from 1683 to 1714. At the moment, there are exact copies on the bridge, and the originals of the sculptures are in the National Museum of Prague.

The length of the bridge is 520 meters, the bridge rests on 16 powerful arches. Charles Bridge is protected by three bridge towers , two of them are on the Mala Side (Lesser Towns), and the third is built on the side of the Old Town (Starostranskie) . The Old Town Tower is considered one of the most amazing Gothic buildings in the world. Built in 1357, the bridge has long been the subject of great superstition, including the builders who laid the first stone at the base of the bridge on July 9 at exactly 5:31 am. Each tour of Prague passes through the Charles Bridge.

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Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge Landmark in Prague

3. The Clementinum and the National Library

Clementinum, one of the largest complexes of historic buildings in Europe, is home to the National Library of the Czech Republic. These beautiful Baroque buildings were originally part of the Jesuit college and later became the Jesuit library. The library eventually became state property when the Jesuits were expelled.

At the moment, the National Library has a collection of six million books. The highlight of Clementinum is the exquisite Baroque Library Hall with its beautiful ceiling, the 68-meter A stronomical tower with its magnificent views of Prague, and the magnificent Mirror Chapel with exquisite decor. At one time, Clementinum was known as the third largest Jesuit college in the world.

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Helfštýn Castle - Czech Republic

Helfštýn Castle – Czech Republic

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