Top 10 Tourist Attractions in China

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in China

China is famous for its national cuisine, but pizza is not the last among the popular dishes. People here are dressed in the latest Western fashion, but no one has canceled the morning exercises in classic silk pajamas. The southwestern region of the Middle Kingdom is the most exotic, “hidden” from national progress. Tiger Leaping Gorge is often called a must-see for any mountain hiker and climber. The surrounding area of ​​the Li River is one of the most picturesque Attractions in China. The karst peaks that rise along the coast are the recognizable landscape of this country. The rare giant pandas are a real national treasure for the Chinese. A breeding center for these animals has been opened in Chengdu.

This is the Top 10 Tourist Attractions in China:

1. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is rightfully considered the main attraction of China. The most visited part of the Great Wall of China is located just 70 kilometers from Beijing. This section of the Great Wall of China was built in 1504 during the Ming Dynasty, along with a military outpost, reflecting the strategic importance of the location in defending Beijing. The highest point is Badaling (北 八樓), approximately 1015 meters above sea level.

Part of the Badaling wall underwent restoration and in 1957 the first section of the wall was opened to tourists. The Great Wall of China is one of the symbols of Chinese civilization. In 1988 he was included in the UNESCO world catalog of cultural heritage.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China, Attractions in China

2. Potala Palace

Located 130 meters above the Lhasa Valley, the Potala Palace rises another 170 meters and is the largest building in all of Tibet. Construction of the present palace began in 1645 during the reign of the Dalai Lama 5. The Potrang Marpo, or Red Palace, was added between 1690 and 1694. The Potala Palace remained the residence of the Dalai Lama until 1959, when the Dalai Lama was forced to flee from persecution by the Chinese authorities.

Potala Palace
Potala Palace, Attractions in China

3. Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was an imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is located in the heart of Beijing and currently houses the Forbidden City Museum. The Forbidden City served as a home for the emperors of China and their families, and was also home to the Chinese government for nearly 500 years.

Built in 1406-1420, the complex consists of 980 buildings and occupies 72 hectares. The palace complex is an example of traditional Chinese palace architecture. The Forbidden City has been a World Heritage Site since 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest concentration of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. (more…)

Huangshan Mountains - China

Huangshan Mountains – China

Huangshan Mountains China In the eastern part of China, there is the Huangshan Mountains range. Mountain landscapes anywhere in the world are extremely picturesque, but Huangshan is a very special phenomenon. This massif was formed about 100 million years ago in the Mesozoic era, and then, under the influence of Read more…

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - China

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park – China

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is located in the Wulinyuan Mountains. In 1982, the mountainous region was recognized as the National Park of China, and 10 years later it was added to the UNESCO list. The pillars of sandstone and quartz reach 1,080 meters in height, this is the highest part of Wulinyuan. The area of ​​the park is 479.15 km².

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 2
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

The most suitable time to visit the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is September-October. During this period, the weather is comfortable for long walks. From April to June there is a lot of rainfall, and the paths in the park are slippery, so the walk is unsafe. It can snow from December to February, the average temperature is around zero degrees. It is cold in the mountains at this time, there may be ice on the roads and forest trails, so access to Zhangjiajie is limited. In general, in the winter season, the park is beautiful in its own way, and prices are lower. The peak tourist season is in April-October.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 3
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Entrance

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park has three main entrances where tickets can be purchased for four days. The ticket includes sightseeing in the park and the use of buses.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park 4
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Entrance No. 1 – Southwest gate at the Golden Knut brook (road from Zhangjiajie to Suosiyu). If you are coming from Zhangjiajie Station, then most likely you will be brought to this entrance.

Entrance No. 2 – Wulingyuan Gate, entrance to the Bailong Elevator and Tianji Funicular. It is convenient to get here if you are staying at one of the hotels in Wulingyuan.

Entrance No. 3 – Tianji Mountain, North Gate. It is rarely used by travelers, since from here you have to walk for a long time to the funiculars or climb to the top on foot. (more…)

Longsheng Rice Terraces - China

Longsheng Rice Terraces – China

Longsheng Rice Terraces China Longsheng Rice Terraces in the form of stepped terraces flow down the slopes of mountains in Guangxi province, China. The average height above sea level is 600-800 m. The construction of terraces began in 1206-1370 during the Yuan dynasty, lasted for almost 700 years and ended only at Read more…

6 Incredible Sights of Tianmen Mountain

6 Incredible Sights of Tianmen Mountain

Road Tianmen Mountain
Tianmen Mountain

As the legendary Vladimir Vysotsky sang, “only mountains can be better than mountains.” And it is even better if any sights are located on their peaks or at their foot. And a good example of this is Tianmen Mountain in China.

Car Cable

This cable car transports visitors from downtown Zhangjiajie (Hunan Province) to Air Garden, located at the top of Tianmen Mountain. It is presented to tourists as the longest cable car in the world, but in reality it should have been called “the longest high-altitude passenger route.” It will take about 28 minutes to cover the entire distance. Tianmen Mountain rises 1279 meters above sea level, and the cable car slope is 38 degrees. Yes, this is just a cable car, but it is simply breathtaking, and the views from its cabins are simply incredible.

road tianmen mountain
Road Tianmen Mountain

Walking through the air

A very long serpentine road surrounds the top of Tianmen Mountain. Most of it is made of concrete, but some have a completely transparent floor made of 6.4 centimeters thick glass. The path winding along one side of the cliff is located at an altitude of 1430 meters above sea level. The glass section is only 200 meters long, but believe me, it won’t seem short to you. Moreover, this very place, according to the results of numerous polls, is recognized as the scariest attraction in the world. Anyone want to tickle your nerves?

road tianmen mountain 2
Road Tianmen Mountain


The Heavenly Gate Monastery is the center of Buddhism in the western part of Hunan Province. The first temple on this site was built during the reign of the Ming dynasty, but over time it collapsed. Later, the monastery was rebuilt and looked completely different – a massive 10,000 square meter structure with architectural elements of the Qing Dynasty, the last Chinese dynasty.

Temple Tianmen Mountain
Temple Tianmen Mountain

Tongtian highway

Tongtian Road got its bizarre names “The Path to the Great Gate”, “Heavenly Avenue”, “The Road to Heaven” for the fact that it really takes visitors to the “Gate to Heaven”, a natural cave located at the top of Tianmen Mountain (oh her later). But you can get to the sky without reaching the top: meandering along steep slopes, this 11-kilometer serpentine makes 99 sharp turns! Only a couple of tens of centimeters separates you from the mortal danger of falling down the slope.

Road Tianmen Mountain 3
Road Tianmen Mountain

Gateway to Heaven: Tianmen Cave

This cave is nothing more than a hole created by nature itself in Tianmen Mountain. It is the tallest natural arch in the world (1520 meters above sea level). The cave itself is 131.5 meters long, 57 meters wide and 60 meters deep. But this was not always the case – before it was the most ordinary cave. Long ago this mountain was called Songliang, until 263, when one part of the rock collapsed and created a hole that looked like an open door. After that, the name of the mountain was changed to Tianmen, which means “Sacred”.

Today, this “gateway” is recognized as one of the most iconic places in the Hunan province. It can be reached by a 999-step staircase that takes you straight to the base of the arch. Nine is a lucky number in many Chinese cultures (Tongtian Road, remember, there are exactly 99 turns) therefore, in 1999, a performance was organized here, during which planes flew through a hole in the mountain. This significant event was shown live on Chinese television. (more…)

Li River Cruise, Guilin - China

Li River Cruise, Guilin – China

Li River China
Li River China

The Li River is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on the planet. It starts in the Maoer Mountains and flows in China’s Guangxi Zhuang district. Then the channel goes south, passing through the villages of Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. In addition, other streams flow into the river and it continues, changing its name to Bill. The length of the two streams is 437 km.

Li River China 2
Li River China

Unusual nature

The full Chinese name of the river is Lijiang. Green hills and picturesque mountain peaks extend beside it. The Li River is incredibly clean and clear. The section between Guilin and Yangshuo is the most attractive destination for tourists. Here you can see huge rocks, fabulous caves and cozy villages. The banks of Lijiang are considered to be deposition sites for a significant amount of karst rocks. The coast is covered with dense reeds used to create original musical instruments. They emit a melodic sound reminiscent of birdsong.

Li River China 3
Li River China

For many centuries, nature has formed bizarre mountains, whose names fully correspond to their color. The most famous is the “Nine Horseshoes” peak. On the steep slope of the mountain, there are semicircular forms of stone. These figures vaguely resemble the tracks of wild horses. A legend about this place is popular with the locals, who talks about the Monkey King and his nine stallions of paradise.

One day, the horses left their master and found a wonderful refuge on the banks of Lijiang. Here they had the opportunity to play and relax a lot. Vladyka quickly discovered the fugitives and turned them into stone for disobedience. A person who has discovered all nine horseshoes is considered to have an extraordinary mind and a special intellect.

Li River China 4
Li River China

Note for tourists

The Li River in China is charming in all seasons and in any climate. In the sunlight, the mountains are reflected in the crystal clear waters of Lijiang and, on cloudy days, they are mysteriously covered in mist. Summer here is the rainy season – it is best to take an umbrella and a raincoat with you at this time. (more…)