Madikwe Game Reserve - South Africa

Madikwe Game Reserve – South Africa

South Africa Madikwe Game Reserve Located in northern South Africa, 3.5 hours from Johannesburg International Airport, Madikwe Nature Reserve is one of the largest in the country. Founded in the early 1990s, it is renowned primarily for its large elephant population. Other representatives of the African fauna also live here Read more…

Serengeti National Park - Tanzania

Serengeti National Park – Tanzania

Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is the most famous national park in Tanzania and the second largest after Selous Park. It is located in the area of ​​the Great African Rift and is included in the list of the most famous national parks in the world. The total area of ​​this national park is 14,763 km².

Serengeti National Park 2
Serengeti National Park

To the north, Serengeti National Park is bordered by the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya, which is an extension of the park. To the southeast of the park is the Ngorongoro Biosphere Reserve. The name of this national park, “Serengeti” in the Masai language means “endless plains”. Previously, these lands belonged to the nomadic Masai tribes.

Serengeti National Park 3
Serengeti National Park

The first European who came here was the German explorer and naturalist Dr. Oscar Bauman in 1891, in 1913 Europeans learned about the Serengeti, these places became popular among hunters and poachers. Since then, the ruthless extermination of animals began in the Serengeti National Park. Only in 1921 a protected area was organized here, in 1937 – a reserve, and in 1951 these places were declared a national park. This was achieved by the research scientists B. Grzimek and his son Michael. Their book “The Serengeti Must Not Die” and the film of the same name went around the world.

Serengeti National Park 4
Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park Unesco

In 1981, Serengeti National Park was recognized as a UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site. The Serengeti Valley is one of the greatest places where the wild and untouched nature has been preserved in its original form. It is called the “Endless Plain of Africa”. Savannah soils of volcanic origin. They are very fertile and are always covered with succulent grass. (more…)

Namib-Naukluft National Park - Namibia

Namib-Naukluft National Park – Namibia

Namib-Naukluft National Park Namibia Among the desert African landscapes, there are also quite remarkable ones; in Namibia there is a unique Namib-Naukluft National Park. It can be considered the best place in Africa for contemplating surreal landscapes. The reserve amazes with a variety of incredible attractions. It is difficult to Read more…

Ras Mohammed National Park - Egypt

Ras Mohammed National Park – Egypt

Ras Mohammed National Park
Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park (Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt) – exact location, places of interest, inhabitants, routes.

Ras Mohammed National Park, created in 1989, is designed to protect the wall of coral reefs that once conquered Jacques-Yves Cousteau from destruction. Now their beauty is admired by tourists visiting the “Head of Mohammed” – this is how the name of the reserve is translated. A vivid diving or snorkeling experience in this national park is guaranteed.

Ras Mohammed National Park 2
Ras Mohammed National Park

How to get to Ras Mohammed

Despite the fact that the Ras Mohammed National Park is located only 25 km from Sharm el-Sheikh, you will not be able to get there on your own by public transport. The only way out, if you want a separate trip, is to take a taxi or rent a car.

Ras Mohammed National Park 3
Ras Mohammed National Park

The trip will take about 30 minutes. Taking a taxi, immediately stipulate what time you need to come to pick you up to take you back to the hotel. The option of renting a car will be especially useful for those who want to stay in Ras Mohammed National Park for the night. There is a camping area in the reserve, you can spend the night and admire the corals again the next day.

Ras Mohammed National Park 4
Ras Mohammed National Park

However, many tourists who rented a car believe that finding a suitable company to choose a vehicle makes life more difficult. If this does not scare you, get ready to give from 35-50 USD per car per day, and remember that it is best to take a car with full insurance, and be extremely careful on the highway: in Egypt, they understand the rules of the road in a peculiar way. The prices on the page are for March 2019. (more…)

Royal Natal National Park - South Africa

Royal Natal National Park – South Africa

Royal Natal National Park
Royal Natal National Park

In the Royal Natal National Park (an area of ​​about 8000 hectares), stretched at the foot of a mountain range with some of the highest mountain peaks of KwaZulu-Natal, it seems that the relatively limited size of the park zone itself is slightly below the size of the surrounding peaks, and the ridges “go” into the sky more distance than the length of the reserve.

Royal Natal National Park 2
Royal Natal National Park

Royal Natal National Park is home to some of Drakensberg’s most vibrant, easily accessible and picturesque landscapes. The natural attractions of the park are crowned by the majestic Amphitheater, which is an eight-kilometer wall of high rocks and a canyon – a breathtaking sight from the bottom up, and even more so from a height.

Royal Natal National Park 3
Royal Natal National Park

Royal Natal National Park

Here, from a height of 850 meters, the stream of the Tugela waterfall rushes down five rocky ledges (the upper tier often freezes in winter). “In the background” the background of the landscape picture is formed by the Mont-aux-Sources mountain (“Mountain of river flows”, height 3282 meters). It is named so thanks to three rivers: Tugele, Elandse and Western Kubedu – flowing nearby. The latter a little further becomes the river Senku (Senqu – “Orange” or “Orange”) and carries its waters to the Atlantic. People come to the park to take short walks in the bosom of nature and participate in multi-day hikes. The tourist infrastructure is well developed.

Royal Natal National Park 4
Royal Natal National Park

Other noteworthy mountain peaks in the national park are the Devil’s Tooth, Sentinel and Eastern Buttress (Devils Tooth, Sentinel and Eastern Buttress, respectively). The Glen Mountain Nature Reserve adjoins the Royal Natal National Park on the northeast side. (more…)

Amboseli National Park - Kenya

Amboseli National Park – Kenya

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

In the southeast of Kenya, there is the unique Amboseli National Park, famous for its elephants. Although Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, it is from the Kenyan Amboseli that the most spectacular views of this snowy peak open.

Amboseli National Park 2
Amboseli National Park

In the southeast of Kenya (Loitokitok region, Rift Valley province) there is Amboseli National Park, a famous national park, which, together with the  Masai Mara  reserve and the Lake Nakuru reserve,   is one of the three main and most popular protected natural areas in the country. The “specialty” of Masai Mara is the Great Migration of Antelopes, Lakes Nakuru – millions of flamingos, and the main feature of Amboseli is elephants! And, of course, a view of the top of Africa – Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park 3
Amboseli National Park

Back in 1883, the first white man named Joseph Thomson to come here appreciated how many wild animals there are, and how beautiful they look against the background of arid surroundings. By 1948,  the  Maasai Empusel (Salt Dust) reservation had become a  nature reserve , and in 1974 it became a  national park . Note that since 1991, Amboseli is a  biosphere reserve  thanks to UNESCO.

Amboseli National Park 4
Amboseli National Park

The area of ​​Amboseli – only 392 km2 – lies at the heart of a large ecosystem located simultaneously in Kenya and Tanzania. From here you can clearly see Mount Kilimanjaro, and the flat land with a minimum of vegetation makes it possible to observe wild animals in their natural environment against this majestic backdrop without any obstacles. (more…)

Cape Town's, Table Mountain - South Africa

Cape Town’s, Table Mountain – South Africa

Cape Town's Table Mountain
Cape Town’s Table Mountain

In Cape Town’s Table Mountain, you can hear a legend: they say, the Creator, admiring his creation, touched the Earth, and a flat area was formed in this place. This is how Table Mountain arose – a place where the sun always shines during the day, and at night the stars are visible so that it seems that you can reach them with your hand.

Cape Town's Table Mountain 2
Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Table Mountain in Cape Town’s is so called because it looks like a table: its top is not sharp, but flat. The mountain is surrounded by almost sheer cliffs – Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head. She is huge, majestic and languidly wrapped in the clouds, like a queen in a fur coat. Sometimes clouds descend or rise in such a way that they turn into a “tablecloth” hanging “from the table”.

Cape Town's Table Mountain 3
Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Center of Power

Many consider Table Mountain one of the strongest energy centers of the planet – much steeper than the pyramids, because, unlike the ancient Egyptian burial grounds, the mountain is not made by hands.

Table Mountain has become, in fact, Cape Town’s trademark and is even depicted on its official symbol – the flag.

Cape Town's Table Mountain 4
Cape Town’s Table Mountain

Its height is 1087 meters, and the length of the flat top is 3 km. If you are an athlete hardened by morning jogging or a hiker, you can climb to the very top of the mountain on your own along the already paved paths. The road is difficult, but quite safe, without dark alleys and deserted people. The only inconvenience is very sharp stones, although some daredevils manage to walk barefoot altogether. On the way there are small waterfalls and beautiful colorful lizards. Hiking, depending on the level of your physical fitness, will take from 2 to 4 hours of time (this is 2.5 km of the way). (more…)

Discover Mount Sinai - Egypt

Discover Mount Sinai – Egypt

Mount Sinai Egypt
Mount Sinai Egypt

Mount Sinai, which is in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, is known for a reason under several names: Mount Moses, Mount Horeb, Mount Tur… This is a place where three great religions converge at once, one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Christians, Jews and Muslims. According to the Old Testament, on the top of this very mountain, God gave the prophet Moses the first law, which is known to everyone as the Ten Commandments.

Mount Sinai Egypt 2
Mount Sinai Egypt

In the chapel of the Holy Trinity located right there, the Tablets are kept – believers believe that this is the only text written, or rather, carved into stone by the hand of God himself. There is a small mosque at the top, as well as many other shrines and revered places, for the sake of which numerous pilgrims come to Mount Sinai.

Mount Sinai Egypt 3
Mount Sinai Egypt

Believers consider the Tablets to be the only text in the world written by the hand of God himself.

There are two paths to the top of Mount Sinai. The short path is the steps of the “Ladder of Repentance” carved into the rock – the path is much steeper and more difficult. Traditionally, this is the path followed by pilgrims who came to South Sinai. The stairs to Mount Sinai have approximately 3,100 steps and can only be traversed on foot in the daytime under the scorching sun of South Sinai.

Mount Sinai Egypt 4
Mount Sinai Egypt

Mount Sinai, Egypt

The long path is called the Camel Trail, it was laid in the 19th century for those who prefer to overcome part of the ascent on camels – they are offered to those who wish by local Bedouins. Along the long trail, there are camping tents selling hot drinks, sweets and blankets. (more…)

Sehlabathebe National Park - South Africa

Sehlabathebe National Park – South Africa

Sehlabathebe National Park Sehlabathebe National Park is the only national park in Lesotho designed to protect the Drakensberg Mountains. It was founded in 1970. The Sehlabathebe National Park covers an area of ​​6,500 hectares. On its territory there are many karst caves and small African savannas covered with tree-like heather. Sehlabathebe Read more…

Cape of Good Hope - South Africa

Cape of Good Hope – South Africa

Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) – detailed description, location, reviews, map and photos.

The Cape of Good Hope personified the hopes of the Portuguese, who in the 15th century were looking for a way to India. It was originally called the Cape of Tempest, but King João II was superstitious and therefore decided to rename this point on the Cape Peninsula. Today the Cape of Good Hope is one of the most important strategic sites on the African continent. Once he helped ships from Europe to the Far East, now it remains popular for its landscapes, which attract millions of tourists.

Cape of Good Hope 2
Cape of Good Hope

How to get there

You can get to the Cape of Good Hope, located on the Cape Peninsula, from Cape Town . The journey by car will take about four hours. Time will pass imperceptibly, because on the way you will come across a very beautiful area: savannah, on which ostriches, antelopes, baboons and other animals roam, mountains, a reserve.

Cape of Good Hope 3
Cape of Good Hope

If you go further, you can get to Cape – this is the southern end of the peninsula, the road to which lies through picturesque bays.

Cape of Good Hope 4
Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is the most extreme southwestern point of Africa. It is impossible to make a mistake, since this fact is confirmed by both scientists and the inscription with the exact coordinates installed on the site in front of the cape. But the Cape Peninsula at this point reaches its southernmost point and, going to the north, is cut off by Cape Point. (more…)