Castle Marvao, Alentejo – Portugal

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Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

The Castle Marvão is located at an altitude of 843 meters above sea level in one of the highest peaks of the Serra de San Mamedi, which is called Serra di Sapoyu, Alentejo, Portugal, whose slopes are steep and inaccessible. You can reach the Castle Marvão from the east only. Here, within the fortress walls , the village has developed. From here it was possible to follow the border with the neighboring country and the Spanish village of Valencia de Alcantara, from where the enemy had come again and again.

Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal garden
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

The Castle Marvão complex in Alentejo, Portugal is well maintained and shows that the Castle has been rebuilt several times in different historical periods, which is confirmed by historical documents.

History of Castle Marvao

From the time of D. Afonso II (12th century), when the Castle was conquered by Christians, there are small fragments of the fortress wall, the Romanesque portal of the donjon, the door of the “Passo Negro” (Portas da Traisan) and a small well. At the end of the 13th century, King D. Dinis ordered the reinforcement of the Castle Marvão in Alentejo, Portugal, as evidenced by the pointed arch gate and the city fence. In the 15th-16th centuries, the Castle’s entrances were reinforced, the keep of the Castle was rebuilt and acquired its current appearance and a large well was built.

Castle Marvao Alentejo_Portugal
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

The bastions on the doors of Porta di Rodán and Porta da Vila, the fort and Rua Nova appeared much later, in the 17th century, as a result of a series of works to reinforce the Castle during the War of Restoration of Independence between Portugal and Spain (1640 -68 years). At the end of the century, the watch towers were reoriented and the entrances to the internal grounds of Castle Marvãowere rebuilt. At the same time, a furnace and workshops were built, which did not survive.

Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal 2
Castle Marvao Alentejo Portugal

But Marvão Castle in Alentejo, Portugal, is not just a landmark of military architecture. It is also a very picturesque place. So, walk along the wall corridor to the fortress , from where, as the saying goes, you will see the “back of birds flying”.


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