Calanques National Park – France

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Calanques National Park
Calanques National Park

The Calanques National Park, are one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. They are often called French fjords. Calanques National Park are the same fjords, only narrower and deeper, and located in the warm Mediterranean Sea. The entire coastline between Marseille and the city of Cassis is cut by bays. In addition, it is cut with such elegance that the French have created a National Park here, which is included in the UNESCO list of natural monuments.

Narrow bays with crystal clear waters, cutting a rocky coast, wild beaches with a turquoise sea, white limestone cliffs and cliffs in the most bizarre forms, cliffs and gorges full of perennial conifers. All of this makes the Calanques National Park one of the most beautiful places on the French Riviera.

Calanques National Park 2
Calanques National Park

Calanques National Park starts behind Cap Croisette. The movement of transport in the park’s territory is limited and you will have to cover some part of the route, which will not cause difficulties, since the paths are convenient and the routes are marked. A separate route leads to each group of calanques. It is important to consider that the bays are separated by mountain ranges and cliffs. Therefore, it is better to decide the route in advance. Excursion ships and yachts are also sent to the calanques, but are not usually disembarked from them.

The Calanques National Park is conventionally divided into three parts: the southwest coast of Marseille (“small” calanques from the port of La Madrague to the port of Le Goudes and the bay of Callelongue), the southeastern coast of Marseille (“rocky” calanques of Sormiou , Morgiou and Sugiton) and the west coast of the city of Cassis (“tourist” calanques Port-Miou, Port Pin and d’En-Vau).

Calanques National Park 3
Calanques National Park

Calanques National Park

The western outskirts of Cassi are adjacent to Port-Miou, where the most popular route through the Calanques National Park begins. The banks of Porto Miu serve as anchorage for dozens of yachts and boats. The Calanque de Por Pen is next.

The most famous among the dozens of bays is K Alanka and the beach of En Vau (d’En-Vau), where the richest underwater world provides an unforgettable experience for divers. Also noteworthy is Sugiton Calanque, one of the most beautiful bays in the Calanques National Park. It is located near the city of Luminy. The path to him passes through a forest of conifers and rocky gorges. There are several wild beaches in the bay with blue waters.


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