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Bojnice Castle Slovakia
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Bojnice Castle – In the western part of Slovakia, at the foot of the mountains, there is a small town called Bojnice. Its population is just under 5,000 people, but despite being so modest, the city’s history is very, very rich. According to archaeological excavations, the first clay constructions appeared in this territory in the 9th century.

But, based on historical documents, we can safely say that in the 12th century there were already houses of stone and wood. At the same time, the first mentions of Bojnice Castle appeared, rising over the entire city. With almost 10 centuries of history, the fortress is one of the oldest in all of Europe. Like all other buildings in Bojnice, it was first made of wood. This material was later replaced by stone.

Bojnice Castle Slovakia
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

So far, Bojnice Castle has undergone several dramatic external changes. It all depended on the architectural preferences and taste of the fortress owner. Thus, in the 16th century, the Gothic style of the building acquires striking features of the Renaissance.

This was done by order of the head of the Thurzo family. But literally a century later, Slovakia‘s Bojnice Castle again did not match its owner with the external decoration, which is why it soon appeared before the city’s inhabitants in Baroque style. And the last cardinal changes took place in 1852, when Count Jan František Pálffy decided to rebuild the fortress, taking into account the tendencies of romanticism. With all this, the castle was never completely destroyed, only completed or slightly rebuilt.

Bojnice Castle

In addition to the magnificent architecture, the Bojnice Castle has many other attractions. For example, next to your gate is a magnificent tree. The legendary linden of King Matthias (Lipa kráľa Mateja), whose age, according to various sources, ranges from 700 to 800 years. The circumference of the trunk is about 15 meters. A true natural treasure of Slovakia, which dates back to the days of kings and chivalry.

But, inside the fortress, each corridor and each hall can be considered the culmination of architectural thought. Each room has its own style, exquisite decor and furniture with rich upholstery.

Bojnice Castle Slovakia 2
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

So, here you can find a room made in the style of a Turkish palace or a hall decorated with the silhouettes of dozens of angels. All of this can be called the legacy of countless kings and from across the country. That is why during the tour you are watched so closely by the castle’s guardians , and photography is only allowed if certain conditions are met. Such a fabulous setting inspires not only tourists, but also famous directors. Most of the filming of a very famous fantasy series called “The Cave of the Golden Rose” is in the territory of Bojnice Castle.

Bojnice_Castle Slovakia 3
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

 Even if you take into account the variety of tapestries, paintings, rugs, games, mirrors and other utensils around you, it cannot be said that bad taste reigns in the corridors of the fortress . Everything is selected in such a way that it goes well with each other.

The altar, located in one of the rooms on the second floor, must be noted separately. The canvases for him were created by a master from Italy in the 16th century. Above the room where the sanctuary is located, there is a true Knight’s Hall. He is extraordinarily ascetic, because modesty is completely foreign to Bojnice Castle, Slovakia. Marble steps carved into the rock lead to the corridor. It is difficult to imagine a more monumental element of the interior of the fortress than this staircase.

In addition to the bright rooms, decorated in gold and silks, there are also dark cellars in the Bojnice Castle, which hide many secrets. The tomb of the Palffy family, where the sarcophagus with the body of the last owner of the fortress is found, is literally shrouded in secrets. Soon after the count’s death, a strange liquid began to trickle out of the marble sarcophagus. Scientists, having performed many examinations, were unable to discover its nature. But under the Bojnice Castle you can find caves in which people lived in the Stone Age.

Bojnice-Castle Slovakia 4
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Today, all the assets of the old fortress can be considered public assets, as the museum inside the Bojnice Castle is open all year. The fortress went from a residential building to an exhibition thanks to the same Jan Palfi. In his will, he disposed of his property in this way. Jan did not want to give the castle to his relatives, because at one time he was disappointed in love and was left completely alone, abandoned by everyone.

Despite all the disagreements between relatives of the count, after a fire in 1950, the Slovak government decided to organize a museum. If you know in advance when you will arrive at the Bojnice Castle in Slovakia, then it is worthwhile to clarify what events happen in your territory during this period. Sometimes, you can even become a spectator of theatrical performances based on local legends and fairy tales. Most of them, of course, are associated with the ghosts that live inside the fortress.

At the end of the tour inside the Bojnice Castle, you can take a walk around the city. The oldest zoo in the whole of Slovakia is located in Bojnice. Also nearby you can find healing, mineral springs, thermal pools and beautiful caves. The city is also rich in religious heritage, like any other city in Europe with such a long history.


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