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Bodiam Castle Images
Bodiam Castle Images

Bodiam Castle, located in East Sussex in the small village of Robertsbridge, is a classic example of English medieval castles. Powerful walls and a wide moat, which over time became similar to a real lake with water lilies, made Bodiam Castle practically invulnerable to the assault of enemies. Nowadays, this historical site of South-East England is no longer “storming” by enemies, but by tourists, in front of whom the castle opens its gates affably.

Bodiam Castle Images 2
Bodiam Castle Images

History of Bodiam Castle

During the Norman conquests, the Saxon settlement in the valley of the Rother River began to belong to the Bodiam (Bodiham) clan, from which the name of the castle was later formed. At the end of the 14th century, Bodiam lands went as a dowry to Sir Edward Dalingridge, who made a considerable fortune by participating as a civilian knight in military campaigns against France under the command of the Duke of Clarence and Robert Knolles. In 1385, Dalingridge received permission from King Richard II to build a castle, which was to become the ancestral castle of the Dalingridge family and a defensive point against the French invasion during the Hundred Years War.

Bodiam Castle Images 3
Bodiam Castle Images

What to watch?

The picturesque structure of Bodiam Castle, despite the loss of the historical interiors of the interior, looks quite attractive. Films about medieval knights were shot here many times, and in the 1950s Bodiam became the scenery for the series about Robin Hood. From the battlements of the castle, you can admire the surroundings, and a walk along the steep staircases and deserted halls allows you to imagine how life was here in the Middle Ages.

Bodiam Castle Images 4
Bodiam Castle Images

Bodiam Castle’s green area is a very popular picnic spot for city dwellers to spend their weekends in a romantic setting and in silence. Tours around the castle often take place in theatrical form, when the history of Bodiam and its owners is told to tourists by colorful characters who seem to have stepped out of the Middle Ages today. For young visitors, Bodiam Castle prepares various interactive activities, during which they are offered to either find lost treasures, then save the daughter of the owner of the castle, or take part in knightly adventures.

Bodiam Castle Images 5
Bodiam Castle Images

During the seasonal festivities, the castle hosts a host of events, from fun markets to a Christmas dinner with traditional pudding and turkey. During the warmer months, tourists enjoy participating in various medieval festivals, having fun with crossbow shooting, enjoying the singing of minstrels or learning traditional crafts.


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