Visit Beaumaris Castle – Wales

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Beaumaris Castle Wales
Beaumaris Castle Wales

Beaumaris Castle is considered one of the most defended military fortresses in Europe. Its location is the island of Anglesey, Wales. It is noteworthy that the Beaumaris Castle is very well preserved, so every year thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to touch the medieval architecture and take unforgettable memory photos.

beaumaris castle wales
Beaumaris Castle Wales

The history of the construction of the Beaumaris Castle

In 1295, King Edward I ordered the construction of a fortress to begin, which was to consolidate his rule in Wales. About 2,500 people were involved in the construction, but they failed to complete the project, because in 1298 a war broke out between England and Scotland, as a result of which all financial and material resources were used to maintain it.

beaumaris castle wales 2
Beaumaris Castle Wales

The construction work was restored in 1306, but the construction was financed significantly worse than it was at the beginning. In this regard, the northern part of the fortress and the second floor have unfinished rooms. But there were supposed to be luxurious premises intended for the residence of the monarch and his family. If translated with our money, then 20 million euros were spent on the construction of the Beaumaris Castle. Only Normans and British could live in Beaumaris (Wales), but the Welsh were deprived of this right.

Features of the architecture

The citadel was reliably protected from enemy attacks thanks to two rows of walls, a wide five-meter ditch with water along the perimeter and the presence of loopholes for firing. In addition, there were 14 traps in the Beaumaris Castle itself, which were intended for those who did manage to get inside.

beaumaris castle wales 3
Beaumaris Castle Wales

Inside, fortifications provided protection for living quarters and a small Catholic church. In the middle there is a courtyard, where in ancient times there were rooms for servants, warehouses for food and a stable.

Near the bridge there is a structure designed to receive ships with various goods. This was possible due to the fact that at that time the moat fell into the sea, so the ships came very close to the Beaumaris Castle.

beaumaris castle wales 4
Beaumaris Castle Wales

As you know, each fortress often has a donjon – the main tower, but here it is absent, since 16 small towers were built on the outer wall instead. Another 6 large towers were built along the perimeter of the inner wall, which provided maximum protection against enemy attacks.

beaumaris castle wales 5
Beaumaris Castle Wales

When the king died, the construction of the Beaumaris Castle complex was frozen. For the next decades, other rulers wanted to complete the construction, but, unfortunately, they did not succeed in doing this. Today the palace is included in the UNESCO list.

Symbolic meaning

Beaumaris Castle is a role model and a kind of symbol among the military structures built in the Middle Ages. It is admired not only by tourists, but also by experts specializing in the construction of defensive facilities.

beaumaris castle wales 6
Beaumaris Castle Wales

This place is especially popular with tourists. During the tour, they have the opportunity to explore the dungeons, climb the tops of the towers, overcoming the path along the old spiral staircase. Also, anyone can wander along the defensive walls.


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