Ban Gioc, Detian Falls – Vietnam

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Ban Gioc Detian Falls
Ban Gioc Detian Falls

Ban Gioc Detian Falls are located in a special place on the border of Vietnam and China, which is about 90 km from the city of Cao Bang and 400 km from Hanoi, Ban Gioc or Detian Falls has the largest natural waterfall in southeastern Asia is the fourth in the world. It appears with an image of running water falling over the lake and the lush jungle around it, which will be deeply etched in your mind.

Ban Gioc Detian Falls 2
Ban Gioc Detian Falls

Ban Gioc Waterfalls

In addition, there are many bamboo rafts that will help you get closer to the Detian Falls. Then you can take very impressive photos or even feel the splashes on your face. With a majestic view blessed by Mother Nature, Ban Gioc is sure to delight anyone, especially nature lovers. September and October are ideal places to visit, as the Falls are much calmer than ever and the rice fields are in the harvest season. Along with the cold weather, it will be great for taking amazing pictures. Come here and immerse yourself in the nature of the Ban Gioc Detian Falls.


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